Oriza L. Legrand’s Reve d’Ossian: Perfume of the Day 1/17/2018

Today’s perfume is again Oriza L. Legrand’s Reve d’Ossian. It sticks around so very well, that adding to it the next day only serves to enhance the experience.
A swirling dream of peat and pine fire with leather and incense, I hope that it will impart coziness and comfort to counteract this morning’s commute. This recreation of one of the house’s classic formulas feels like it is from another world.

Legrand’s perfumes have a scent profile that is very indicative of their time (of original formulation) which heavily uses opponox, abadnum, and frankincense.
Today it makes me think of old books.

Lingerie is a wash of blue and black. High waist Lilith knickers by Ulalume Lingerie, a Soma bra, and Italian half slip with Wolford argyle tights.

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