Isabelle overlooks a gold painted perfume bottle in the foreground

My Favorite Things

Isabelle’s favorite things in fleshspace and online, some with which she has established an affiliate relationship. These are marked with an *.

If you are seeking Isabelle Epoque collectibles, prints, costuming, and vintage treasures,  visit Isabelle Époque’s Boudoir (My Etsy).


Parfums Caron is the maker of my very favorite heritage French perfumes and the house behind my mystery signature scent.  They also supply me with my “Madame” face powder, a traditional mineral powder scented with an abundance of Bulgarian Rose.

The House of Guerlain is the perfumer of some of my favorite classic scents such as L’Heure Bleue, Shalimar, and Vol de Nuit. Exuding glamour, they are at the heart of French Haute Perfumery.

Fragrance Net * for international fragrances that you can’t get elsewhere including some Caron scents. This is a good option if a visit to Paris isn’t in the budget!


Secrets in Lace * (A local DMV business) for reproduction and vintage-styled lingerie. This is where I get my lovely seamed nylon stockings and the crazy ruffled panties!

Kiss Me Deadly* lingerie for femme fatales. I have been known to debate on whether pieces belong in my lingerie drawer, or should be blinged out for the stage. Fabulous catalog of in house and guest brand styles such as Playful Promises and Harlow & Fox.

What Katie Did * for a bit more risque take on vintage-styled lingerie and made-to-measure corsetry with the retro-silhouette in mind. I adore their high-waisted panties.

Lotus Blooms is the DMV body-positive, elegant, and relaxed environment with the educational resources necessary for people to take charge of their sexuality. Visit their shop in Old Town Alexandria, Adams Morgan, or online. I featured their Briar Rose flogger in my 8-Bit Revue “Castlevania II” act!


Atomic Cheesecake Studios is my home for full-service pinup and retro-styled photography. Sign up for the email list to get exclusive notices of sales. Mention on your booking form that I sent you!

StereoVision Photography has an amazing eye for conceptual photography. They will capture you in motion and in still grandeur. Mention that I sent you, and ask to hire Reverend Valentine to provide your Makeup and Hair styling.

Victor Devilbliss is a classic pinup and gritty glamour specialist. The studio in Pottsville Pennsylvania has so many different atmospheric sets that you can explore and a large  vintage and pinup wardrobe if you don’t have your own, or are experimenting with a new look.


Royal Vintage and American Duchess create historically accurate footwear for modern bodies. I love their quality construction, and their academic rigor. They are my go-to recommendations for daily walkers and period-appropriate stage shoes.

If you travel to Paris, you must visit Falbalas of the Paris Puces, in Marche Dauphine. If Falbalas begins (if ever!) selling their shoes online, I will be in heaven, but I’m certain I will still need to visit them in person to pursue deadstock lingerie and true vintage clothing.

If I have done business with you and love your work, I’d be honored to strike up an affiliate relationship and feature your shop here. Please contact me via Facebook to discuss.

Pay Tribute to Isabelle

Spoil burlesque beauty Isabelle Epoque with vintage and new perfumes, lingerie, costumes, and little luxuries collected in her Amazon Wishlist. Gifts with a value of over $1000 will be featured in a photo shoot, and an exclusive print will be created and given to you alone.

Isabelle is an experienced FinDomme and will gleefully take you for all you are worth. You can pay tribute and tithe via venmo @IsabelleEpoque and Good subs receive her attention.

If you are seeking Isabelle Epoque collectibles, prints, costuming, and vintage treasures,  visit Isabelle Époque’s Boudoir (My Etsy).