Isabelle lounging with a bottle of perfume

Madame Isabelle Epoque

D.C.’s Diplomat of Decadence

Whether tearing up the town or tearing out still-beating hearts, Isabelle Epoque has thrilled audiences with her feminist wiles and seduced them with invocations of the senses. If you can’t tell whether it’s your heart or head that’s aflame, you might be under the spell of Isabelle Epoque!

Isabelle Epoque by Devilbliss Studios
by Devilbliss Studios

Let Isabelle Époque lead you into a world of painted silk, scorching glamour, and shockingly bare flesh.

The character of Isabelle hearkens to an American in Paris at the time of the 1900 Exposition Universelle. In the daytime, Isabelle works for the cause of the Suffragettes: debating and persuading her admirers to embrace Votes for Women and the rights of full citizenship. The Hausmann city plan has transformed the Medieval city into orderly beauty and optimism. The Metro transports people under the city at unthinkable speeds. The Eiffel Tower’s eleven year tenure has altered the skyline and become synonymous with Paris itself. The City of lights is now a modern dynamo of culture, progress, and innovation. Electricity! Technology! Egalitie! Fraternitie! For All!

High Priestess of the Feminist Illuminati

Isabelle Epoque as a member of the Folies Bergere by Stereovision Photography
by Stereovision Photography

Isabelle is a Burlesque Performer, Producer, and Pinup model in the Washington DC Metro area. She is a classically trained dancer who fell in love with Egyptian Cabaret and Lebanese folkloric Bellydance before being introduced to Burlesque in 2013.

Isabelle is a proud graduate of  Studio Holliday‘s Budding Burlesque Beauties inaugural studio to stage series managed by the lovely Gigi Holliday.

Isabelle has graced stages across Metro Washington DC, Philadelphia, Central Pennsylvania, Richmond, and Baltimore with her classic, neo, and nerdlesque acts.

Isabelle by Stereovision Photography
by Stereovision Photography