Guerlain’s Jicky: Perfume of the Day 2/2/2018

Today’s perfume is Guerlain’s Jicky, hailed as the first Modern Perfume.
My inclination was to layer it over the last day of Acaciosa, and I believe I chose well. The dry and sparkling nature of my 1980s spray canister of EDT does right by it. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of a 1940s bottle of Jicky Extrait.

1889 was an interesting year, Monet, Gaugin and van Gogh are in the thick of it, Munch was just awarded his scholarship, the Eiffel Tower is still new and novel part of the Exposition Universelle, theatres were founded by artists, and suffragettes began their marches around the globe. On the cusp of post-impressionism and modernism, this abstract perfume is right at home.

Today’s lingerie is a set of Dita’s Dahlia in Bordeaux, with a silk Natori camisole

And, it just so happens that I recently bumped into this article from Smithsonian Magazine, if you wish to read more.

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Isabelle lounging with a bottle of perfume
Guerlain Jicky by Santiago Rueda, 2016

Caron’s Acaiosa: Perfume of the Day 2/1/2018

Today’s perfume is again Caron’s Acaciosa. The second day’s development is far too amazing to pass by. I did, of course top it off again.

Before visiting Parfums Caron, I never knew that a perfume could have longevity like this, or that it could be so elegantly naughty. I had the notion that perfume should smell clean, somehow. That mindset was blown away by the gloriously decadent fragrances at Caron.

Lingerie is Dita’s Her Sexellency set in black satin and lace and a Lise Charmel silk slip with Falke tights.

#InvisibleArmor #perfume #hauteperfumerie#FrenchPerfume #Caron #sotd #scentoftheday#HighFemme #PowerFemme #Execudrag #Feminist#Dita #LiseCharmel #Falke