Oriza L. Legrand’s Heliotrope Blanc: Perfume of the Day 1/18/2018

Today’s perfume is another Oriza L Legrand, White Heliotrope. B figured it would smell lovely over the incense that remains on the

nape of my neck from Reve d’Ossian Heliotrope is an odd beast. Strong and soft floral all at once. I adore it in Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue and Apres l’Ondee and Jean Desperes’ Bal a Versailles. Definitely something I need to explore more in old formulas before it had to be weakened.

Today’s lingerie is quite a treat. I made a post-holiday clearance score from Nancy Meyer of Seattle, and scored my first ID Sarrieri set. It arrived yesterday. Wow. This Chantilly lace is fucking amazing. The bra is a demi, and is actually comfortable with my shape (which doesn’t often happen in Designer brands), and the knickers are to die for. The high-waist beauties are in the same delicate lace backed with silk and mesh… and zip up the side, as there’s no stretch in them whatsoever. They fit like a glove. *unf*

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