May and June

Isabelle Epoque by Stereovision

I am thrilled to announce that the Crazy Winter is leading into an even wilder Spring and Summer!

I will be bringing my fans and Space Oddity to the Opening Night of the Philadelphia Burlesque Festival on May 19th, 2016!

You will next get to see me in action at the Bier Baron the following weekend: May 29: Get a Philanthro-TEASE with Lucrezia Blozia’s Underwater Birthday Burlesque where she and I will celebrate our birthdays with a portion of the show’s proceeds going to the Anacostia Watershed Society!

On June 18th, I’ll be joining Hot Night Productions for a Summer Shindig, sure to make for a sultry evening.

AND Philanthrotease is returning in a benefit for DC SAFE on August 19th at the Black Cat DC with DIVAS: Survivors of Pop!

This DIVA is just getting started!