Frying Pan, Meet Fire

The last few months since my debut have been a whirlwind of networking, costuming, and act development.

I am so very glad to be here.

I have kittened for some artists I deeply respect and admire, and I successfully submitted applications to shows across the Washington DC, Baltimore, and Richmond scene. I’ve created and performed my first Nerdlesque act at Whedonism, I’ve performed for the pleasure of a crowd exceeding 350 enthusiastic attendees, purchased and began choreographing with a pair of gigantic feather fans, and dreamt of innumerable acts yet to be born.

Through it all, I’ve upped my own game and come to know a greater number of fabulous performers and producers in my community, and promoting the capability of my fellow Budding Burlesque Beauties.

And my performances have been described as “Scorchingly Glamourous” by a fellow performer. Wow.

Frying pan, meet fire.

Isabelle Epoque (2 of 6) Isabelle Epoque (6 of 6) by Scott Bradley